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Commercial Printing Bidding

PrintLocal is a commercial printing bidding system. Print buyers can submit their custom printing print project specifications which commercial printing printers will bid on. The printing shop pays a fee to receive potential custom printing buyer information. Printing bids are easily sent to print buyers using the PrintLocal system. Included in the printing bid are the printing price and the shipping price for up to three quantities. Print buyers are not obligated to choose any of the cheap printing bids.

More than One Printing Shop Option = Cheap Printing Solutions

The PrintLocal system was created to simplify the process of getting digital printing service bids from companies to clients faster. PrintLocal has created a universal form that print buyers can fill out. This eliminates the need to duplicate and send job specifications to a number of printing shop buyers. Any buyer who needs custom printing can select to send the quote to any digital printing service company they specify nationwide, statewide, or within a certain zip code. This system helps both the print buyers who want cheap printing and the digital printing service company who won't waste time bidding on a project they cannot successfully complete.

 Getting print bids before was a hassle and a waste of time.  There is absolutely no reason for a print buyer to submit print requests the old fashion way.    print buyer signup