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PRINT BUYER -- Instructions


  1. Signup for the FREE print buyer service
  2. Fill out your online profile.
  3. Profiles can be updated when you login to and select "my account" then "edit account".
  4. Login to your account through the website.( Top right of home page          A. New Project - Click on this icon to submit a new print quote request. You can                   enter job specs using the universal form. Try to enter as much detail as                         possible so printers can easily bid on the job.

                            • i. You can select to submit your print project to printers nationwide,                                                    statewide, or local. "Keep in mind that some printers have great pricing

                                  that even with shipping they can sometimes beat local pricing.

      5.  Once you submit the job printers receive your information and review to make sure they              are capable of printing your work. Then they will submit a quote which you will receive            via email or you can see all quotes under "my projects". All projects that you post will                      appear on the right column of your screen under "my open project".

      6.  After you review the quotes then you can select the project in the right column and choose              the award icon above. Select the printer from the drop down list and enter the bid amount.  

           Now the project will appear in the right column under "awarded job".

      7.  From this point you should work with the printer.

      8.  Refer Printer - This selection allows you to enter a printers email address and information

           so that we can offer the service to additional printers.



Please email us with any questions